"Wow! Loved it! I love all of Sam's books and this one was no different. Her characters are amazing and I love her unique story lines! The mystery and sparks are thrilling!"

Familiar Territory (Reluctant Familiar Mysteries Book 1)

Familiar Territory (Reluctant Familiar Mysteries Book 1)

Can she live with herself if her freedom ends up costing her family their lives?

For centuries her family has worn the badge of Familiar proudly, serving a long line of powerful Witches and becoming as formidable as the ones they served. But L.A. doesn’t believe she needs a Familiar alliance to be strong.

Until people she cares about begin disappearing…turning up dead.

Until a powerful and handsome male Witch walks into her life and forges an inadvertent magic bond while trying to save her life.

Now she finds herself in exactly the position she never wanted. But she quickly realizes she can’t save her friends and family alone. So it comes down to losing her independence or watching everyone she cares about die.

Will L.A. find a way to keep her independence and still save the people she cares about most? Or will her burning need for freedom be the cause of their deaths?

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